Improve physical and psychological health with tunable lighting

Posted by Rob Gemmell on Jul 28, 2014 7:55:00 AM


Artificial light has created more "time," so to speak, for all of humankind to get things done. We can work whenever we please, carry on business 24 hours a day if needed. However, as animals who have spent millennia living by the rhythms of the sun's rays, this artificial option has definitely taken a toll on some individual's health and personal well-being. 

Because 8-hour day and night shifts are not going to stop anytime soon, the solution must come from the lighting source itself: In comes tunable lighting.

The sun doesn't provide the same level or even color of light throughout the day, so sitting under the same white light in an office, hotel or school can make you tired when you need to stay awake, or, conversely, too wound up when your body should be starting to relax. Tunable lighting mimics that natural ebb and flow of sunlight, working more symbiotically with your own circadian rhythms. 


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